I. Kinetics and reactor modeling, analysis, and optimization

II. Modeling of large-scale processes

III. Computational fluid dynamics model

IV. Polymerization

V. Systems biology



I. Kinetics and reactor modeling, analysis, and optimization

l  Development of catalytic reaction mechanism

l  Kinetics modeling with parameter estimation

l  Reactor modeling and analysis (lab- and pilot-scale, micro-reactors)

l  Process modeling and optimization


<Fig. 1> Scheme of a lab-scale catalytic reactor for kinetic modeling research.


Catalytic kinetic models developed in our lab

ž   Fischer-Tropsch synthesis (Fe- and Co-based)

ž   Mixed reforming (Steam/CO2)

ž   Methanol synthesis

ž   Oxidative coupling of methane

ž   Catalytic esterification of butyric acid and n-butanol

ž   Hydrocracking (upgrading for BTL synthetic fuels)

ž   Furfural production from D-xylose

ž   Hydrogen production from EG reforming

ž   Deoxygenation of oleic acid for biofuels

ž   Ketonization reaction

ž   Ethylene oligomerization

ž   Hydrogenation of furfural to 2-MF

ž   Condensation of 2-MF

ž   Hydrodeoxigenation

ž   Hydrodechlorination of TCM

ž   Water-gas-shift reaction

ž   etc









II. Modeling of large-scale processes

l  Pre-combustion CCS with membranes (collaboration with KIER)

l  Modeling of a fluidized bed reactor for dry-based CCS process



l  Modeling of a MeOH synthesis process (mixed reforming + MeOH synthesis)



l  Modeling and control (MPC) of a thermal plant in a district heating network






III. Computational fluid dynamics model

l  Micro-reactor for Fisher-Tropsch synthesis


l  Hydrogen permeable membrane module


l  Thermal control reactor for coupled exothermic and endothermic reactions


l  Hydrodynamic behaviors of Ag-powder reactor/Fluidics for homo-mixer system







IV. Polymerization

l  Kinetics for solution MMA/MA copolymerization

l  Kinetics for emulsion polymerization






V. Systems biology

l  Metabolic flux analysis



l  Modeling of signal transduction pathways